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Remy Benoit is an historian, an educator, a published writer, and an accomplished editor of fiction and non-fiction books.


Remy’s story, Annie, may be found in the Book of the Year Award–winning anthology French Quarter Fiction: Newest Stories of America’s Oldest Bohemia.

She is the editor of Both Sides of the Wall: Reflections of the West Point Class of 1968, a book incorporating contributions from over 130 class member–authors.

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We are here to help with every stage of your book. Unfinished manuscript? We provide mentoring to get you unstuck. Rough draft? We provide developmental editing. Manuscript complete? We provide proofreading and line editing. Ready to publish? We provide print-ready book design.

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Hear from previous clients

Remy Benoit is the “go to” writing person. It was my privilege to assist her in completing an idea which resulted in the work Both Sides of the Wall: Reflections of the West Point Class of 1968. Being a member of that class, and wanting my friends and classmates to put the story of their service and life in the military, for future generations to have and not be forgotten, Remy seized the moment. She became friend, confessor, counselor and editor for us and our stories. Varied stories and complex lives had their memories woven into a valuable history of our nation’s most precious resource: the heart and soul of its warriors, who gave their youth, — and many who paid with their lives in the Vietnam experience. A triumph of an undertaking like no other.

Gerry Weeks
Capt. (Ret.), US Army

Remy did a really outstanding job in jump-starting, editing and designing a book of memories and thoughts from the West Point Class of 1968 entitled Both Sides of the Wall. Not only did she do all of the hard work, but she also served as a personal inspiration to many of us who were having difficulties writing about some very emotional subjects. Her dedication and total personal involvement resulted in a written legacy for our class that can be read by generations to come. We in the class of 1968 owe her a lot.

John C. Hedley
Lt. Col. (Ret.), U.S. Army
President, Penko Resources LLC

Remy Benoit helps breathe life into veteran stories with compassion, dignity and remarkable insight. Thank you for your presence, inspiration and enduring support. 

Air Force Veteran

Remy Benoit edited my non-fiction book and I couldn’t be more pleased with her service. Her approach is supportive, she makes thoughtful and insightful suggestions for both content and style, but perhaps her greatest asset is how she encourages you as an author to believe in your own voice and to write from your soul. I highly recommend her and would be happy to be a reference to anyone wanting to hear first-hand what a blessing it is to work with her!

Britta Reque-Dragicevic
Author: Close to Home: A Soldier’s Guide to Returning from War

I love working with you. If I get stuck, ramble or just need a nudge you are there. The best part is having your soft edged comments and positive, instructive and timely critiques.

Elizabeth Barth
Author of The Saving of Grace

Remy Benoit is a woman capable of holding up the world with her compassion. Her words are rich and musical; the voice of a woman writing in the midst of chaos with the steady heart and hand, a woman without fear, a woman who loves, a woman who knows.

Caris MacDonald
Author of Elegy

Remy Benoit has been an inspiration, loving sister, mentor and lifeline for me as I have struggled to both remember and deal with a story I spent 42 years hiding from. To describe her as the perfect editor, gentle but direct, coaching not scolding, would be accurate but inadequate. She is a fearless champion who has pulled me out of the dumps more times than I can count. My life would be immeasurably poorer without her shining spirit. Thank you my dear Remy.

Sgt Christopher Gaynor
77th Field Artillery
Republic of Vietnam, ’67-’68

Remy is the best choice I could have made to help me with and walk me through all the minute, yet important aspects of writing my first book. She first had to give me an abbreviated class on how to write. Being a historically difficult student, it amazes me the patience, and effectiveness she brought to a task that has proved too daunting to previous teachers. She was spot – on with her editing and helping make sure the ideas I was conveying were clear. She indeed, more or less wrote the book based on a ‘story’ I sent her. Her insight, technical know how, gentleness, compassion and intense accurate focus on the goals, and quality of the experience the readers deserve to receive when reading a book – were largely most of what made it a book worth reading. Value and excellence of the stellar quality of her work are indeed a RARE combination! It was an honor to work with her!

“Sgt. Mikie”, Storyteller of the book A Rifleman First

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